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The CCI Team takes pride in safety for our team, families, and everyone!  Ongoing safety awareness creates a climate that encourages safety and all-around positive attitudes. 

Below are links to the MSDS sheets for some of the concrete-related products we are involved with on a daily basis:

Cement-Types I, II, III (Continental Cement)

Fly Ash (Class C-Headwaters ISG)

ADMIXES ("in concrete")

ADVA 140 (Grace Admix Water Reducer)

Daraccel (Grace Admix-accelerator-chloride)

Daravair 1400 (Grace Admix-air entrainment)

MicroFiber (Grace-Fibers)

Polarset (Grace Admix-accelerator-nonchloride)

Recover (Grace Admix-retarder / hydration stabilizer)

STRUX 90/40 (Grace-fiber-structural)


Bondall (bonding agent-Lyons Mfg)

Kure-N-Seal 25 LV (concrete sealer/curing compound)

Tiah Sealer (concrete sealer)

Top Etch (Unitex-surface retarder)